Whether you're addicted to video games or just it's a way to spend your free time, it's a good idea to protect yourself against the waves emitted by wireless controllers and headphones.

The GINKO Wifi sticker is a new, irreplaceable solution for use with your wireless controllers and headphones.

The GINKO Wifi sticker eliminates the effects of electromagnetic waves. By restoring proper functioning of the disturbed organism, it improves your mobility and well-being.

It works on all types of controllers and headphones: 

- PS3, PS4 Controller - Playstation

- Xbox One, Xbox 360 Controller

- Wii Controller

- PC Controllers

- Gamer Controllers

Anti-wave Ginko Control Wifi Sticker - 17 mm

GINKO CONTROL WIFI sticker effectively protects against harmful effects of Wi-Fi waves. It works on wavelengths from 1 to 12 GHz. GINKO CONTROL WIFI sticker is designed for small devices connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (wireless headphones or mouse controllers, game pads, etc.).
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