Eliminates SAR during phone call* (SAR > Specific Absorption Rate)
Protects against electromagnetic waves*
Maintains your body's natural energy balance*

The GINKO Control label balances the effects of electromagnetic waves. 

Restoring the normal functioning of the disturbed organism improves our mobility and promotes our well-being.

Gold medal for inventions at the "Concours Lépine" International Trade Fair 

*scientifically proven


GINKO Control sticker is a unique anti-wave sticker based on French technology, effectively protecting against the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves. It received a gold medal at the "Concours Lépine" International Innovation Fair PARIS 2008.

Apply the precautionary principle with the GINKO Control sticker and protect yourself from possible headaches and fatigue associated with long-term use of your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or other electromagnetic-emitting device such as video games, game pads and cordless headphones

Electromagnetic waves can have a harmful effect on your body when you are exposed to them on a daily basis.

French technology, on which GINKO Control is based, provides effective protection.

French technology based on the principle of phase shift of 180° is the basis for the operation of the GINKO sticker, which is the only product of this type, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by the results of numerous studies of the following independent research entities:

          -  Institute of Electronics and Systems (I.E.S.) of the National Research Centre (C.N.R.S.) U.M.2-France, on the HERMES platform.

          - Professor M. ZANCA (Biophysics, Nuclear Medicine, specialist in nuclear medicine and magnetic resonance imaging at the University Hospital of Montpellier) at the Charles COULOMB Physics Laboratory, UMR5221 UM-C.N.R.S. University of Montpelier, France

          - Numerous double-blind and placebo studies by many independent scientists

The results of these studies indicate that there are no biological contraindications for the use of GINKO Control stickers and that these stickers cover all frequencies, both high and low, in order to ensure controlled performance.

All these elements make GINKO Control the undisputed leader in the world market.



  • No. 1 in the world
  • International patent and licence
  • Scientifically proven
  • Completely passive
  • No medical contraindications
  • Full range



The French National Assembly voted in February 2015 in favour of a French ban on WiFi use

in kindergartens and asked the Agency for Health, Environmental and Labour Safety (ANSES) for a report on electro-sensitivity.

It appears that there are currently more than 13 million people with electro-sensitivity syndrome in Europe

, as stated in January 2015 by E.E.S.C. (European 

Economic and Social Committee).

These data were entered into the "BRUSSELS Chart" created in May 2015.

for the fifth conference of APPEL DE PARIS, signed by more than 190 scientists, professors of medicine, Nobel Prize winners,

Council of the Chamber of Physicians from 25 countries of the European Union, UN, ... and which has been

Presented to the politician BAN KI MOON at the opening of the Paris Climate Conference at the beginning of December 2015.



GINKO Control sticker is a French, modern technology consisting of a flexible circuit containing two identical antennas in opposite phases.

GINKO Control stickers are completely passive, ecological and there are no medical contraindications for their use.

They don't afect the operation of the telephone or the electrical charge of the electronic device in any way. It is currently the only device that has been scientifically proven to protect you and your office from the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Depending on the model, it works on high bandwidth radio waves, from 400 MHz to 12 GHz, and at low frequency: 50 Hz. It works in all types of networks (3G, 4G, 5G) and on all types of devices: mobile phones, DECT, smartphones, laptops, tablets, WiFi modems, as well as microwave ovens, induction hobs, electronic nannies, game consoles, GPS, new electric meters with Internet connection; it also works under high voltage lines.


To sum up, the results of these observations show the impact of the radio wave environment on the performance of some of our muscles and reveal the effectiveness of GINKO Control* stickers when confronted with the electromagnetic environment: they improve a person's "well-being" by improving the performance (tension) of antigravitational muscles even in an intensive electromagnetic environment, just as effectively as it has been observed in the Faraday cage. The use of these stickers therefore allows the precautionary principle to be applied with regard to the possible harmful effects of radio waves. The stickers help to restore some of the energy performance of the muscles affected by these waves and there are no biological or medical contraindications for their use, as they are completely harmless due to their completely passive work mode.

Montpellier, 31 Decembre 2015

Professeur M. ZANCA

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