Anti-Wave Sticker for Tablet or Laptop Ginko Control - 57 mm


The GINKO CONTROL sticker will effectively protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves.

It works on wavelengths from 400 MHz to 4GHz, as well as on low frequencies from 30Hz upwards. GINKO CONTROL FOR TABLET OR LAPTOP sticker is designed for use on computers, laptops, tablets, game consoles.

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The 57 mm sticker can be used on all computers, laptops, tablets and game consoles connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Like the Phone and Wi-Fi stickers, this model also simply sticks to the surface of the device, not affecting its performance in any way. Tablet 57 mm sticker is designed for use on tablets and laptops. It is recommended to stick it on the laptop near the keyboard, and in the case of the tablet - on the back.

 I stick the patch on the back of my device

 It works !


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