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Attention should be paid to the European Regulation 2013/3S/EU, which has been in force in European companies since July 2016 and which imposes restrictions on the exposure of the public and workers to electromagnetic fields in companies.

The French government has taken account of this European regulation: under the August 2016 law, which applies on 1 January 2017, French employers must comply with the new rules to protect workers from electromagnetic fields emitted by the many electromagnetic devices present in companies, under the threat of heavy fines.

To protect your employees and comply with the laws in force, use the available packages.

PACKAGE - Anti-wave Ginko Control Wifi Sticker...

The GINKO Control Wifi sticker with a 17 mm diameter is designed for all small devices connected via wifi or Bluetooth. It protects employees who use wireless headphones at work:     - Customer service     - Order handlers      - Secretary workers

PACKAGE - Anti-wave sticker Ginko Control Phone...

The GINKO Control Phone sticker effectively protects against the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves emitted by your mobile phone. It eliminates SAR during phone calls. Protects vendors and employees who use smartphones frequently. The GINKO Control Phone sticker effectively protects against the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves emitted by...

PACKAGE - Anti-wave Ginko Control Pendant - 35 mm

GINKO Pendant with a 35 mm diameter - to be worn on the chest. The pendant works on wavelengths from 500 MHz to 7GHz, as well as on low frequencies to a large extent. For all employees: provides general protection against electromagnetic waves.

Package - Anti-wave Ginko Control Protection...

The GINKO Protection is designed to be carried in pocket or handbag. It reacts perfectly to the surrounding electromagnetic environment. It can be used in public transport, in the car (GPS), near a high voltage line (low frequency). Indispensable for employees working in urban areas.

PACKAGE - Anti-wave Ginko Control Sticker for...

Anti-wave Sticker for Tablet or Laptop Ginko Control - 57 mm is used for all types of computers, laptops,  tablets. Similar to the Phone and Wi-Fi stickers, this model also simply sticks to the surface of the device, and is not affecting its performance in any way. It is recommended to place it on the laptop near the keyboard and, in the case of the...

PACKAGE - Anti-wave Ginko Control Aura sticker...

Ginko Aura with a diameter of 110 mm intended for use in the office, in a car.... Provides vast protection in electromagnetic environment. Due to the wide range of frequencies supported, this sticker effectively neutralizes electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, Wi-Fi.
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