1 - Does the intensity of the electromagnetic field around us increase?

Answer: Yes, we artificially increase the intensity of the electromagnetic field by using more and more objects emitting radio frequency (RF) waves.

2 - Does GINKO Control affect SAR (Specific Absorption Rate)?

Answer: Yes, the GINKO Control sticker eliminates SAR during a phone call (expertise carried out by the IES - Institute of Electronics and Systems at the University of Montpellier - National Research Centre (C.N.R.S.) December 2016).

3 - Does the electromagnetic environment have any influence on the human body, and if so, is the influence on our "mood" nociceptive (unfavourable) or beneficial?

Answer 1

Based on the results of antigravitational muscle tension studies, it can be concluded that strengthening the electromagnetic environment by carrying a smartphone or any other radio-connected device significantly worsens the tension in the antigravitational muscle chains, reflecting the nociceptive effect of the electromagnetic environment on our performance.

Answer 2

The phone stops having a harmful effect if the distance from the body is "sufficient"; the distance depends on the person and is  averagely over 60 cm, but is much greater with people who consider themselves as "electro-sensitive".

4 - Does the electromagnetic environment in which we currently live affect the antigravitational muscle chains even when we are away from wave emitting devices?

Answer: The finding in the Faraday cage, where there are no electromagnetic waves, of a marked reduction in tension in the antigravitational muscle chains, reflecting a significant increase in muscle efficiency, shows that the current increase in electromagnetic waves around us is already having a significant adverse effect on the human body.

5 - What is the role of the GINKO Control® sticker in this situation?

When the 29 mm diameter sticker is placed a phone worn with you, it completely restores the level of muscle efficiency achieved in the Faraday cage. This effect is not achieved by placing the placebo in place of the sticker. Thus, still based on the work of antigravitational muscles, it turns out that the GINKO Control® sticker almost completely eliminates the negative impact of the electromagnetic environment. Maintaining muscle performance can be considered as the general property of GINKO Control® stickers, which is to protect living organisms from certain (unfavourable) effects of the electromagnetic environment, regardless of its severity.

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